A Stroll Around Central Arras

Arras Beaurains City Guide

A Stroll Around Central Arras

Arras, a beautiful city to discover during your hotel stay

A Stroll Around Central Arras

Before getting lost in the city centre, you mustn’t miss climbing to the top of the belfry. From there, you can enjoy a stunning view and spot the paths for the walks yet to be taken. These will take you to the Place des Héros and the Grand’Place where the baroque Flemish gabled houses will reveal their unique skill of telling the history of Pas-de-Calais. The houses found in Arras’ squares are listed Historical Monuments that add a unique historic charm.

Not to be missed during your stay in Arras:

  • The belfry

  • Rue de la Taillerie

  • Place des Héros and Grand’Place

  • The town hall, an Art Déco masterpiece

  • Les boves

Further information:

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Place des Héros
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