Saint-Germain Brewery

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Saint-Germain Brewery

Brasserie Saint Germain, a must-see during your stay in our hotel

Saint-Germain Brewery: passionate about beer

Located in Aix Noulette, ever since its foundation in 2003 the philosophy behind the Saint-Germain Brewery has been based on prioritising the use of regional produce in order to maintain the region’s brewing and farming tradition.

A beer enthusiasts’ paradise, the brewery, located 25 minutes from ACE Hotel Arras-Beaurains, is the place to find hand-crafted beers from Hauts de France: white beers, lagers, amber beers, ales, Tripel beers, beers for Christmas or spring: it’s all about regional beers.

Found at: The Brewery Saint-Germain is only a few minutes drive from our ACE Hotel Arras-Beaurains.

Brasserie Saint-Germain
26 route d'Arras
62160 Aix Noulette