La Finarde

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La Finarde

La Finarde, a must-eat during your stay in our hotel

La Finarde: Cheeses With Good Taste

Located in the former powder magazine of the Orléans Bastion in the Arras Citadel, the La Finarde cheese cellar patiently refines its iconic Hauts-de-France cheeses. Sitting on the spruce-wood shelves of the vaulted cellars of the Citadel dug by Vauban in the XVII century, the unpasteurised mimolettes age, away from the hubbub outside, before joining Maroilles, Cœur d’Arras, Bergues Fermier or Ecume de Wimereux on the market stalls of the Arras Grand’place. Grab your shopping baskets! Meet you in the market!

Where to find the cheeses: La Finarde is only 10 minutes from the ACE Hotel Arras-Beaurains.

  • Arras Market Grand’place, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings

  • Place Lanvin, Thursday mornings

  • Place du Rietz, Thursday afternoons